About Us


Daniel & Kendra Tillman, the founders of Living Well Today Marriage Ministry
Ministers Dennis & Angela Bullock, Counseling & Pastoral Ministry

Daniel Kendra founder

Dennis & Angela Bullock

As a collective team, the Tillmans & Bullocks have spent the last 15+ years assisting couples and individuals with relationship issues within marriage, singleness, and leadership by providing marriage ministry tools and events, premarital and marriage counseling, after marriage care, coaching, mentoring and interpersonal skills for relationships.

Our Mission

Living Well Today is a community of believers coming together to

  • uphold one another’s marriages
  • raise the awareness of the importance of Biblical marriage
  • be intentional about making our marriages last

Our Vision

For marriages to thrive, couples need:

  • biblical teaching on how to love their spouse
  • a community of other believing couples they can support and be supported by
  • a proven pre-marital counseling system
  • ongoing mentorship and discipleship
  • resources specific to the challenges they may be facing